2017 Annual Report


Vigorous Trade.
Thriving Communities.
Sustainable Development.

The strongest ports are those that can handle a variety of cargoes, helping them balance the ups and downs of world markets. At the Port of Prince Rupert, cargo diversification is an essential part of our strategy. Throughout 2017, the port built new relationships, enhanced the capabilities of its existing terminals, and broke ground on new developments to further diversify our trade gateway. We also invested in new and enhanced technologies to further safeguard and steward one of the world's most pristine harbours. And we developed innovative ways to support Canada's trading economy while benefitting the communities where we do business. As the Port of Prince Rupert continues on a path of growth and diversification, attracting new people to join our port businesses and reside in our community will continue to be a priority. We hope you will take a few minutes to watch the following video, where you'll meet the people who help our organization thrive and see the attributes of the small town that supports our big port. 

Natural Connections

The Prince Rupert Advantage

Prince Rupert has an outsized impact on global trade for a community of 12,000 people. The reasons for this start with the geography of our harbour. For connecting North America to the Asia Pacific, no other port can match Prince Rupert’s natural advantages.

Building on those advantages, the Port of Prince Rupert and its partners have created a track record of excellence in Trade, Community Impact, Safety, and Sustainability.

2017 Performance

Measuring Our Success

Year in Numbers
0 % growth in port-wide volume to a record 24 million tonnes
0 % growth in container volume handled
0 % growth in wood pellet export volumes
0 % growth in coal export volumes
0 % growth in cruise passengers
0 % decline in bulk grain export volumes, but still 4th largest year on record
Performance Charts

Our portfolio of terminals handles a variety of cargo, each of which is affected by its own market cycle. Through continued investment in trade infrastructure, the Port of Prince Rupert enables an even greater array of commodities to flow in and out of Canada. This ensures we can remain stable—even grow—year to year.

Major Projects

The Port’s growth vision and accompanying strategy ensures the needs of port tenants, future trade opportunities and regional economic development goals are coordinated and balanced. The result is a slate of well-planned, integrated and diversified developments that anchor Prince Rupert’s future as a gateway for trade.


Building Economic Prosperity

Natural attributes paired with industry-leading efficiency have translated into years of solid performance for Prince Rupert—and the promise for much more in the years to come.

Economic Impact
$ 0 billion in trade moved through the port
$ 0 billion in economic activity generated in northern British Columbia
0 direct jobs in port-related industry
$ 0 million in wages
$ 0 million in government revenues, including $8 million for local governments
0 potential permanent jobs associated with planned port developments
Trade Stories

Operational Excellence

A coordinated effort between the Port of Prince Rupert and its many partners exerts positive control over every vessel, ensuring round-the-clock safeguards. The result has been the evolution of a global reputation for navigational safety. As the number of vessels calling on the port continues to grow over the next decade, maintaining that reputation continues to be a top priority.

Year In Numbers
0 vessel calls, a decrease of 1 vessel from 2016 as larger ships moved more cargo in 2017
0 vessel movements by licensed BC Coast Pilots, down 18 from 2016
$ 0 invested in new Port Security & Emergency Operations Centre
0 days of coverage by the port Harbour Patrol vessel
0 marine incidents in the Prince Rupert Harbour
Safety Stories

Our practices and procedures keep vessels moving safely and goods flowing securely. Working closely with a variety of partners, the Port of Prince Rupert exerts positive control over the harbour and ensures round-the-clock safeguards.

Environmental Stewardship

Responsible Growth

One trade we’ll never make: exchanging our future for short-term gain. Our current success is rooted in decades of ambitious yet practical planning, and reflected in the careful consideration we apply to every project and program we activate. The result is a growing gateway that supports an extensive workforce, abundant opportunities and a robust regime of environmental safeguards. 

Responsible Growth
0 % decrease in GHG intensities at port terminals since 2010
0 % decrease in nitrogen dioxide intensities at port terminals since 2010
0 % decrease in sulfur dioxide intensities at port terminals since 2010
0 exceedances of BC air quality objectives for NOx, SOx and fine particulate matter
0 new criteria added to the Green Wave program to incentivize underwater noise reduction for vessels
0 water quality sampling sites rated with Excellent or Good classifications
Sustainability Stories

The Port of Prince Rupert emphasizes long-term planning, integrating activities and proactive partnerships. As we prepare for new terminal developments and growth in vessel traffic, ensuring a balance between industry and environment is a key measure of our success.  


Commitment to Community

The success of our trade gateway results in continuous improvements to the health and cohesion of northwest British Columbia. We take pride in ensuring our operations reflect local values and that a significant portion of our resources are allocated back into our communities. To achieve this we have created programs and initiatives that keep residents informed and provide funding to local improvement projects that contribute to longterm community vitality.  

Year in Numbers
$ 0 allocated to the Community Investment Fund since 2009
$ 0 projects supported in 2017 with $1,163,048 in total contributions
0 visitors to the Port Interpretive Centre in 2017
0 local classrooms engaged through our Learning Gateway and literacy initiatives
Community Engagement

As we grow, we must do it with an eye on sustainability and environmental protection. We are guided in all of our activities by the key principles of pollution prevention, environmental integrity, efficient use of resources, and continuous improvement. With these in mind, our operations demonstrate respect – for the environment, our neighbours and future generations.

Local Investments

Local community development is an imperative for us. The people of Prince Rupert and its neighbouring communities are what make our operations possible, and are invaluable partners in our efforts to keep this region healthy and sustainable future generations. Over the last six years, we’ve helped enable more than 60 local improvement projects that enhance the quality of life on BC’s North Coast: arts organizations, civic projects, recreational clubs, education initiatives, and more.


Employing Fiscal Integrity

Sound financial management drives the responsible stewardship of our resources. Each year, the Port of Prince Rupert releases its financial statements. The bottom line? These figures detail our organization’s committment to the sensible and effective use of our assets, year after year.

Year in Numbers
$ 0 Total Revenue
$ 0 Expenses
$ 0 Net Income
$ 0 Total Assets
$ 0 Capital Expenditures
Bright Future

Vigorous Trade.
Thriving communities.
Sustainable Growth.

These are the conditions we’re fighting to create as we steward the incredible natural resource that is the Port of Prince Rupert. Thank you to our local communities, our shippers, supply chain partners, terminal operators, service contractors, and everyone else who made 2017 a success in each of those categories. A special thank you to the women and men on the water, in the terminals, and on the trains and trucks that are moving Canada’s trade through the Port of Prince Rupert.


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